Auto App Organizer old version updates


2012-04-28 version 3.93

- Fix: Newbie timeout is checked from the folderviews also (beside the main app)
- BugFix: some fixes based on debugreports

2012-04-07 version 3.90-3.92

- Feature: Introducing subfolders (only handled in the folderviews - yet)

2012-03-04 version 3.83

- Feature: Multiselect option in folderview

2012-02-19 version 3.82

- Translation: German translation available (many thanks to vamez)
- Modification: the on install auto categorization message is a Toast again, and you have option to have it on the notification bar instead.

2012-01-14 version 3.81

- Translation: Italian translation available (many thanks to Matteo Regoli)
- Feature: the on-install auto categorization messages are shown in notification, and they also show the name of the chosen category
- Bugfix: fixes on rare app duplication issues

2012-01-08 version 3.80

- Bugfix: proper icon sizes on XHigh density devices

2012-01-03 version 3.79

- Feature: You can change (or localize) the text of the system folders also
- Bugfix: You can change the icon for system folders also

2011-11-17 version 3.78

- Bugfix: folder view will keep position again, when re-focused after closing a previously launched application

2011-11-11 version 3.77

- Bugfix on the rare apps appear duplicated issue

2011-11-09 version 3.76

- Bugfixes on folder opening issues

2011-10-28 version 3.75

- Feature: notification bar launcher is configurable to set what to launch (main app or folderview)

2011-10-21 version 3.74

- Feature: folder administration enhancement
- Feature: you can give custom names for auto categorized folders

2011-10-02 version 3.73

- Feature: iPhone concept: fine tuning options
- Feature: special option to remove an app item from AAO database
- Feature: From now, you can do batch install-from-backup operation using multiselect

2011-09-25 version 3.72

- Bugfix: T9 search bugfix

2011-09-12 version 3.71

- Bugfix: From other apps eg. SwipePad the shortcut selector works fine now
- Tuning: Memory usage optimizations

2011-09-07 version 3.70

- Offer: New, free, unlimited cheat code handling for the ones who promote this app on public forums
- Feature: on folder view mode, the scroll position is now saved, so after loosing focus-and gaining back it is remembered.
- Settings menu restructure
- Bugfix: Android 1.6 problem finally fixed on opening folder view.

2011-08-31 version 3.69

- Bugfix: image resize problem fixed on placing home shourtcut.
- Bugfix: Android 1.6 problem fixed on opening folder(category) view from home screen.
- Bugfixes based on debugreports, thanks!

2011-08-27 version 3.68

- Beta feature: First release of the new iPhone like folder view design, what is ready for beta testing - please give feedback.

2011-08-14 version 3.67

- New special option: Quick search for new .apk files in your backup folder, that are not registered in AAO
(eg. you have just copied them to your phone)
- New feature: When changing category icon, there is an option to select from AAO built in icons (and some icons added)
- New beta feature: New iPhone like folder view design - it is now under development so use it with beta-goggles
- Folder view volume control bar: from now it is hidden by default

2011-08-06 version 3.66

- Category (Folder) view customization options: finalization of issues on HD devices
- New special option: Batch shortcut to home on categories
- New special option: shortcut to uncategorized
- New special option: shortcut to all categories packed in one icon
- New special option: Quick search for installed apps that are not registered in AAO

2011-07-04 version 3.65

- Category (Folder) view last update bugfix

2011-07-02 version 3.64

- Category (Folder) view further customizing options
- Bugfixes based on debugreports - thanks!

2011-06-29 version 3.63

- Category (Folder) view have app label visibility and change color setup options

2011-06-07 version 3.62

- Case insensitive ordering in app lists
- Home shortcuts: you can modify (or delete) the label of the shortcut before placing it to home screen
- Fast scroll thumb in list views is enabled
- For developers: AAO now have a content provider sharing the app categorization to other apps, check webpage for more

2011-05-08 version 3.61

- Optimalizing memory consumption
- Folder mode: option in settings to keep folder open after app launch
- Fixing notification turnoff issue
- Enabling app2SD for AAO itself (this feature is not completely tested so use it with beta-goggles)

2011-04-18 version 3.53

- Homescreen-folder mode appearance polishing, options to show/hide buttons
- More bugfixes: based on reports, thanks!

2011-04-10 version 3.52

- Bugfixes: based on reports, thanks!
- Feature: on home-folder view the hardware volume control buttons will control the media volume! eg: you can set the volume before launching a game
- Feature: and some more: a volume calibration bar in the folder view-s! (you can hide it, if u do not want it)

2011-04-07 version 3.51

- Feature: Showing apps on SD (and apps capable to be moved to sd)
!!! Run 'refresh all apps from phone' option to actualize apps SD information - Feature in home-folder view: new button on the titlebar
- Help: Legend added

2011-03-31 version 3.45

- Feature: App2SD and Clear cache option using device Application info panel
(indicating the install location in lists is under development)
- Bugfix: On install backing up fixed

2011-03-23 version 3.44

- Rare memory problems are fixed.
- App actions popup menu restructure

2011-03-17 version 3.43

- Some fixes based on debugreports, thanks!

2011-03-16 version 3.42

- Last running app launch bug fixed, and some others!

2011-03-12 version 3.41

- missing apps bug is fixed (eg. Places)! (Please save your categorization settings from inside the app before update)
- New option: Send apps to your friends via email!
- Other fixes based on debugreports, thanks!

2011-02-19 version 3.31

- Quick fixes on last version based on debugreports! Thanks!

2011-02-17 version 3.3

- The app checks the available versions from internet and indicates when new version available
- ADD apps to a specific category: the approach changed to the classic way, where you see ALL apps and you check (add) or uncheck (remove) them from the category.
- Save and load categorization bugfix based on debugreports (please press save again, because the format of the saved file has changed!)

2011-02-13 version 3.2

- Home Folder view loading speedup
- Missing Change Icon dialog bug fixed
- Refresh installed apps lockup fix (configurable cycle speed)

2011-01-29 version 3.1

- Folder view upgrade: from now you have option to see backed up or uninstalled apps in home-folder view also
- Bugfix: The rare app launch FC is fixed

2011-01-20 version 3.0

- New! Favorites category!
- New! Hidden apps category!
(please try them and send feedback!)
- Performance: Startup speedup option: you can turn off ticket searching
- Performance: Speedup at display turn on event
- Irritating, always asking, debugreport sending is fixed!

2011-01-09 version 2.2

- Categorization feature: you can now choose to 'Add' or 'Replace' mode when performing the multi app categorization
(so extending OR overwriting the categorization)
- More minor fixes based on debugreports - thanks!

2010-12-28 version 2.1

- Backup handle fix: apk data reading fix on 2.1x and higher. (run all apps operations/refresh installs from phone option to fix any bad records you have)
- Fixes based on debugreports - thanks!
- On app reinstall/all app refresh the app name and other attributes are now refreshed properly

2010-12-23 version 2.0

- App search button from menu (for the T9 search)
- Home shortcut icon bugfix
- Speeding up the launching of the app (1st wave):
(a) the backup folder is no more examined on startup for new backup files - you have to run refresh of apps manually
(b) the Newbies are not De-Newbizated on startup, now it is runned only once a day in a separate thread

2010-12-12 version 1.9

The mostly requested feature for Christmas!
- Option to save/backup your category settings and icons!
(and of course - reload it after eg. a firmware upgrade, please test it and give feedback! thanks!)

2010-11-22 version 1.83

- Fixes based on debugreports - thanks!

2010-11-17 version 1.82

- The relocating to last list position problem (after eg. app category modification) is fixed!
- Fixes based on debugreports - thanks!

2010-11-10 version 1.81

- Adding uncategorized apps to a category initiated from inside the category
- ABC order options small modifications
- Newbies category toggle

2010-11-06 version 1.8

- ABC order options on categories

2010-11-02 version 1.73

- Exit (free memory) option fix
- Other debugreport based bugfix! thanks!

2010-10-27 version 1.71 + 1.72

- Multi Ticket accessibility (two in one offers - the most cost effective options!)
- Bugfixes based on debug reports - thanks!

2010-10-23 version 1.7

- Keep Me category can be turned off
- First wave Memory saving options in settings
- Preparing to locaization
- Based on debugreports (thanks!): category move up/down bugfix

2010-10-07 version 1.6

- New paying alternatives
- Menu restructure
- Bugfixes based on reports - thanks!

2010-09-27 version 1.5

- Bugfixes (force close) based on reports - thanks

2010-09-12 version 1.4

- App execution bugfix (eg. Google Maps)
- Click on AD banner to remove the banner for a while!
- ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission for AdMob AD-s

2010-09-12 version 1.3

- Change order option on folder/shortcut mode + other standard menuitems
- Hide system apps feature bugfix
- Bugfixes based on reports - thanks

2010-09-11 version 1.2

- From shorcut/icon mode all app options available on longclick popup menu.
- *Last runned application* row on main category list screen have all app options in popup menu.
- When you install the payed ticket to remove banner, than this free version will have better detection of the ticket, but still need restart of this app.
- More more Bugfixes again based on reports - thanks again and again!

2010-09-08 version 1.1

- New shortcut option!: AutoAppOrganizer icon what shows you the categories in icon view, and clicking on them, their contents
- Exit option from menu (to free up memory) - Email to dev option in settings and in menu
- Ad banner on free version - sorry
- Paid version on market!
- Bugfixes again based on reports - thanks again!

2010-08-25 version 0.99.6b (beta)

- New last-launched-app link on the main category list
- The notification setting is not cheat code protected anymore
- From now system category can be removed from system apps
- 1x1 app icon option for your categories
- The annoying crash report question asked only once per crash
- Few more bugfixes based on debug reports. Thanks!

2010-08-18 version 0.99.5b (beta)

- Handling backup file user copies fixed, overcoming multiple version backup files problems (using/capturing the latest version)
- Version info + help appearance modification
- lot more other bugfixes based on debug reports. Thanks!

2010-08-11 version 0.99.4b (beta)

- Option to delete backups
- few other bugfixes

2010-08-08 version 0.99.3b (beta)

- notification service really stops when notification is turned off
- Shortcut any application to home
- Offer Categorization is available from main menu in one click for all apps (beside the previuos option of offer category for multiple selected apps)
- Option to see only backed up apps (beside the previous installed + backed up option)
- few other bugfixes

2010-08-06 version 0.99.2b (beta)

- new automatism: auto backup features settings
- few bugfixes

2010-08-04 version 0.99.1b (beta)

- bugfix: screen resolution problems hopefully fixed

2010-07-30 version 0.99b (beta)

- NEW feature! Handling uninstalled apps (naturally since AutoAppOrganizer installed)
- NEW feature! Handling backed up applications (backup, categorize, reinstall etc)
- bugfix: annoying non-stop version log asking fixed

2010-07-27 version 0.98b (beta)

- on many requests: full row app launch mode by default (until checkbox is pressed when after only check mode available)
- Bug fix: Other fixes based on user debug reports

2010-07-26 version 0.97b (beta)

- Bug fix: App refresh force close exception in some cases - fixed
- Bug fix: Category Desktop Widget bad icon appearance - fixed, no green spot any more
- Bug fix: Other fixes based on debug reports

2010-07-25 version 0.96b (beta)

- settings: option to turn off popup on app install (the add to category question popup)
- Freeze detection and reporting to developer function
- order by: option to select direction ascending/descending also
- new 2x1 halfie category icon option
- bugfix: category rename bug fixed

2010-07-21 version 0.95b (beta)

- offer category progressbar more informative
- bugfix: multiple system category on system apps on first install fixed (to fix it manually, just set any category on them)

2010-07-20 version 0.94b (beta)

- applist remembers position when an app launched from it
- default icons for all default categories
- bug: counter fixed for the newbie folder

2010-07-18 version 0.931b (beta)

- Progressbar on category offer functions (and on first install question to perform to all apps)
- uncategorized bug really fixed (the NEWBIES category not counts as categorized any more)

2010-07-17 version 0.92b (beta)

- App Icon handling bugfix
- Reload apps menuitem: it can refresh any stored app data in the AutoAppOrganizer database

2010-07-15 version 0.91b (beta)

- new Settings option: System apps can be excluded from the All apps list
- Complying with many requests: most features on the free version available without cheat
- Cheat code request option in the settings - making easy the code requests

2010-07-15 version 0.90b (beta)

- automatic categorization for cheated users (the cheat is free, just ask in email)
- bugfix: multiple uninstall bug fixed
- notification text changed

2010-07-12 version 0.89b (beta)

- changing printed row data depending on order by
- bugfix: size order by
- offer category from public internet for market categories (as second chance beside our own database)

2010-07-11 version 0.88b (beta)

- show applications details form
- order by APP SIZE option

2010-07-10 version 0.87b (beta)

- more click features on statusbar (select apps, order by)
- bugfix: multi select bug really fixed

2010-07-08 version 0.86b (beta)

- 2x2 icon option for categories (2x2 is out of included apps)
- bugfix: draining battery fix
- bugfix: multi select bug fixed

2010-07-07 version 0.85b (beta)

- custom category icons from your gallery and icon packs
- you can make home shortcuts and widgets to the categories
- help screen from menu
- few other fixes

2010-07-03 version 0.84b (beta)

- news form at first start (with version log)
- after any operation relocating in list view into previous location
- syncronization at application start is now done in background
- notification option for fast application access (with or without icon)

2010-06-30 version 0.83b (beta)

- app launch fix: launch works from context menu
- icon launch: in the lists the app icon can be configured (by default true) to launch the application

2010-06-28 version 0.82b (beta)

- new development: Internet DB put: saves all your apps and their categories
in order to collect a full DB of the most popular category of an app
- new development: Internet DB get: you can ask for automatic categorizing (select apps - pop up menu - more - offer category action)
- bugfix: only executable apps are handled by the app (widgets, live wallpaper, QuickOffice, Android System - must be hidden to the auto app organizer)

2010-06-23 version 0.81b (beta)

- bugfix: multi select: when checked a few and popped up context menu, then pressed back the selection are cleared - should not be
- bugfix: T9 search: during filtering there should be no numbers shown, disturbing

2010-06-22 version 0.8b (beta)

- First Beta version released


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