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Game definition by you "low level designer"

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:19 am
by Stratego (dev)
I have worked a lot in the past weeks to make the game "configurable" via textfiles (json files).
The reason is that i see i have no time to configure up (even with forumer's) help a new alternative version (like suggested UFO version)

I believe the last one will be AOW that i can do myself (wit the help of forumers).

so i made the coregame (almost) totally configurable by textfiles (json files) so any of you who attend to be a "low level designer" (meaning you can write and try the jsons on your own device) can have a version of the game that lets you configure the game.
"low level designer": Practically the "low level designer" is the same person as the "design leader".
Jsons: means desining units, their stats, the categories, the terrains, and terrain autmations in mapeditor, the unit/terrain images, the sounds, and so on - everything (you can see the "json" sections in FAQ)

So if any of you want to be a "low level designer" for any version other than AOS/AOF/AOW than you need to
- learn how to configure jsons (you can start practicing immediately on running AOS/AOF/AOW versions)
- if i see you are ready i can give you
a) the framework of the new game alternative (eg. UFO)
b) the "low level designer" grant on it - to configure the jsons/assets yourself on your own device or on your PC, and you can test it on your own device.
- when you feel yourself ready (or partly ready), i can compile the whole json pack you did into the framework so we can share it with forumers for testing (we can do this even daily, like i do updates in AOS/AOW/AOF)

if you are interested in learning to be "low level designer" of any subversion of the game, than email me.

Re: Game definition by you "low level designer"

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:05 am
by Sunrise Samurai
Duplicate post here. Good idea‚Äč though.