To-do list for me

You can see here listed all Developer problems in which he asks for help regarding AOS from forum users.

To-do list for me

Postby COOLguy » Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:19 pm

Here I will post what I want to accomplish eventually on this forum.

Cleanup: I want to go through all topics and answer, contribute, or clean. Also relegate the old topics to an archive and add ready topics to the voting list.
- unit/tech suggestions
- infantry
- mounted
- ranged
- techs
- structure
- neutral
- faq
- new game types
- others
- dev asks for help
- about this form

List of answered suggestions
New topic for voting
Reorganize Tourney forum
New thread to get my attention for Suggestions
Differentiation database of unit names and use
Intro section for new forumers (welcome, points to look at first, forum layout)
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