races you might wanna add

Here you can discuss what kind of races should be in the game.
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races you might wanna add

Post by ARK » Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:43 am

1. angels (specializes are healing ad defense)
2.warlock(hevey magic uses)
3.dwarfs(wepones from dwarfs are strong thanks to there blacksmith abilts)(they also can make guns tho like muskets)
4.elfs(they treasure nature and use the way of the bow)
5demons(specializes in attack and burn/poisen damge)
6.undead ((their masters are the necromancers that summend them)extra hp and have a prob of making a unit they kill undead but with reduce stat.they have quantity over quailty)
7.trolls(can climb mountains becouse of where they live)
8.humans(they speicalize in science everything else is balnced close servents of angels for there belife in god)
9.dragons(a race of giant deadly elemantel lizards with wings each with its own belife. they are wise and have alot of magic they are also strong phisyicly and mentaly the only problem is there disorganiztion and lack of numbers also some dragons may favor elfs such as leaf and wood dragons will fire dragons get respect and get served by some demons this makes them clash)
10.cycolps (1 eyed bruets theyhave bronze over brain a classic for the demon army)
11.vampires(quick note : not vampires like twilght please thanks)(any away the use werewolves as their right hand slaves after taking control of the werewolf tribes some still fight back other then were wolves they realy on humans which they sucked blood from.(in order to take control of a unit it must first atk it(they partycly like demon blood)))
12.orcs(a race of deadly brute like monsters that are stronger then cyclopses ,the diffrence theres more :shock: )(one of their highest ranks is spider calvery)
anothor quick note i cant keep thinking f races :cry: sorry 12 for now

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Re: races you might wanna add

Post by balint » Sun Jun 22, 2014 7:42 pm

Well, a few of your ideas were acepted before (For example the elves, the humans, the orcs....)
And if you have a new idea please make a new topic for it.
This is Hungary and winter is coming.

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