The Fallen Kingdom

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The Fallen Kingdom

Post by General Brave » Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:40 am

I have a campaign idea, it's about a Kingdom that has fallen. And you need to help rebuild it. Here's the backstory right beneath this.

The Kingdom Has Fallen. It had fallen 20 years ago, when a ship appeared from the unknown sea. Bearing the image of a Basilisk head ready to strike. They came in numbers, plundering and torching the cities and town that were along the coast. It was utter chaos, people fled from their homes as the Basilisk legion finally decided to move inland. They were able to capture the major cities, despite the best attempt from the local garrison. They strip everything away, to food to, to jewelry, to novelty. Anything that they saw was worthy. When they finally reach the capital, the royal family had already fled. Narrowing evading capture when they cross the border to ally nation.

With the Royal family out of harm's way. The kingdom finest prepared to defend the capital to the very end, they made sure everything was in stocks, like arrows, swords, and oil. It wasn't so long when the Siege finally began. The capital held off the enemy for weeks, almost achieving victory when assassin almost killed the legion commander. But disaster struck, somehow the Basilisks made whole in the eastern wall, and soon enough the city fell.

What was left of the defenders were put in cages and were hauled to work in their own mine, gathering resources for the new occupiers. For 5 years, the kingdom was under the Basilisk rules. Any attempt from outside Nations to take down the legion was not successful. When the royal family and their allies finally broke through the legion defenses and forced them back into the sea. What they're found was simply the remains of a once proud Kingdom, stripped away of its life and Pride.
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Re: The Fallen Kingdom

Post by Menselot » Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:45 am

Nice story !!!
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Ayush Tiwari
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Re: The Fallen Kingdom

Post by Ayush Tiwari » Mon Dec 04, 2017 6:19 am

yes ,the storyline is good to make a big campaign
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