Storm Brothers

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Storm Brothers

Post by ArteMp » Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:40 am

After the first great war, the king of Skyrim was killed during a duel by Ulfric Petrel, who tore him into small pieces with a scream.
Ulfric wanted to become the king of Skyrim, to drive out the Talmors, the elves who started the First Great War and the Imperials, and create their own bodyguards of the Storm Brothers. But the Tamriel Empire was against it. Ulfric rebelled. After that, the Civil War in Skyrim began.
We will play for the Storm Brothers. The campaign will consist of eight missions.
1. Duel (this is the prologue of the campaign, the battle of Torug (the deceased king) and Ulfric)
2. Capture of Whiterun
3. Capture of Markarth
4. Hide in the shadows (Kill Imperial squads without getting caught)
5. A surprise attack (Talmorians will attack the Storm Brothers camp early in the morning)
6. The capture of Solitude and the assassination of General Thulius (the capture of the capital of Skyrim and the assassination of the leader of the Imperials in Skyrim)
7. Destruction of eared creatures (Capture of the Talmor base)
8. Coronation

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Re: Storm Brothers

Post by ethanking5 » Fri Aug 09, 2019 12:37 pm

Beautiful idea
Embrace the darkness

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