Ideas for units.

Here talk about units and structures.
IMPORTANT!: Every unit type and structure type should be in a separate topic.
So if you have a new unit idea than open a new topic for it!
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Ideas for units.

Post by Alpha » Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:41 pm

Imperial Army
Army Engineer - Lowtier engineer of course, can build basic defenses.
Army Medical Officer - Lowtier medics
Army Trooper - Basic trooper, low AP and regular HP, have standard weaponry.
Imperial Logistics
Imperial logistical officer - can buy exclusive weapons thats not found in a normal loadout
Imperial Cargo Guard - Guards cargo (ammo, weapons, vehicles being unused or transported).
Inspector - Makes sure everything is in check on a installation or ship, can reward promotions for good work.
Imperial Navy
Imperial Marine - Act as a ship defense and boarding party, can capture vessels as well.
Imperial Technician - Can repair ships and other vehicles.
Navy Trooper - Incharge of law and order on the ship, can act as a ship defense unit.
Imperial Crewman - Do basic things on the ship.
Navy Officers - Are in charge on the ship.
Imperial Stormtrooper Corps
Imperial Stormtrooper - Midtier infantry, mostly in charge of basic defense and attack.
Scout Trooper - Are scouts, can serve as light infantry. Excellent snipers.
Garrison Trooper/Navy Commandos - Midtier defenders, should be considered more of a elite subdivision.
Patrol Trooper - Midtier Law enforcement.
Tank Trooper - Pilot imperial vehicles, mostly tanks.
Shore Trooper - Are usually found on oceanic worlds with beaches and such, should be exclusive to said planet.
Blackhole Trooper - Special forces, can cloak and are far better armed and armored, should be considered more of a handpicked division.
Royal Guard Trooper - Should be considered the best of the best, however these guys are in reinforced red armor, usually found defending the emperor or lord vader. Should be EXCLUSIVELY handpicked and should remain that way.
Storm Officers - Are officers in the stormtrooper Corps.
(Short for "The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order")
ISB - Hightier law enforcement, should be considered a handpicked subdivision and have power to remove officers.
COMPNOR Official - High ranking officer, has alot of power in military and political means.
Moff - Encharge of sectors and worlds, has a giant amount of power. Can act as governors of a occupied world and are in charge of said troops on the planet.
COMPForce - Military army of COMPNOR, should be considered to be low-midtier infantry.
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