change in land battles

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change in land battles

Post by sortablebird » Mon Aug 22, 2016 5:53 pm

Hello ! I'm just going to say my opinion on how I think the game should look like on land battles. I'm going to try give some ideas to make it fun and not a copy of age of strategy, with just star wars units. And also not a star wars game in a nutshell :P. Give me some feedback too, cause i may not be 100% right.

So far the game looks like its taking place during the Galactic Civil War, so i think that droid units and other units from the clone wars shouldn't be in there. After the clone wars the production of droids was completely canceled, maybe some criminal organizations still own some factories that produced such units. But still, technology has developed after the years, so creating these units would be a waste or resources, as they would be useless in battles during this new period.
Maybe there could be two different periods that you could choose from when you are creating a game.

I think Jedi's shouldn't be in the galactic civil war cause at the end of the clone wars there was an event called order 66, in which most Jedi's were murdered and the Jedi order was destroyed.

About the gameplay, I think the techs should be different from the age of strategy ones. Writing tech is something you should already have without having to develop it. In star wars they had plenty of ways to voice communicate, and send each other video transmissions from distances light years away. The techs should be more focused on units and buildings.

About the units, I think the tanks should be something that will take a long time to produce. They will be the units you would not like to lose easily, cause they will be a very important role in the battlefield. They will be the toughest units and damage dealers. Infantry will be vulnerable and wont do much damage.
The infantry units sound useless now after i said that lol. But they wont, cause infantry squads will be the only unit that could capture other TC's. Tanks can destroy enemy turrets or defenses, but they cant capture any TC. They will support the squads to capture the objective. So only squads can capture, not a single unit like a scout.
There will be different type of squads, which will all have different purposes. (I'll post my idea's in the units topic later)

One problem is that heavy combat vehicles are very tough and dangerous. And maybe some players might start mass producing heavy tanks from the start, so i think there should be a tech upgrade that will take a couple of turns, (maybe 7) that would let you build the heavy tanks once research it.
So 1 heavy tank tech, and one artillery tank tech.

So the infantry will be a very cheap unit. Ranging from 1-2 turns to create a basic infantry squad. From the start of the game you get some basic infantry squads. Infantry will be slower than tanks and vehicles. So to get to other TC's you'll need some cheap vehicles that could transport a squad or 2 (ill add some later). The T2-B and the 2-M are advanced tanks that could transport units, but would take some time to produce, so starting off by producing cheaper vehicles would be better.
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