Defile (Spell)

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Defile (Spell)

Post by DoomCarrot » Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:47 pm

A spell useable by necromancers.

Can be used on town centers as well as all buildings. Range of 1.

When a town center or building gets "defiled" status, all units within it lose HP rather than gain it. Effect lasts for 3 turns, even if tc is captured. Possibly -6 HP for all units inside it at the start of your opponent's turn.

Would be useful to root defenders out of fortifications, while not being too OP. Would still require proper siege attacks, but this spell would soften enemy defenses, and make your opponent choose to either leave a garrison or retreat to not suffer damage. Your own units would also be wounded if they took a defiled tc.

Necromancers would have to get adjacent to the fortification or tc somehow, which would be fairly difficult, therefore the rather strong damage.
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