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StormBringer Warg and StormRiders

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:10 pm
by DoomsdayDragonfire
A Feral warg variant with extreme power. Equivalent to a natural disaster.

5 to 10 times bigger than an average wolf and much smarter as it is able to comunicate with almost anything, able to cast lightning strikes and create thunderstorms whenever they please, creatures that are able to take out dragons and spirits by theirselves with low efforth... There is a small chance that these dark tempest clouds on the horizon is not a natural event, but one created by these StormBringers when hunting...

On one of these huntings, the storm wargs reached one large orc acampament recently made for war against other races, orcs where surprised of why such good location wans't a human city or commerce path of other races or something else, but soon they discovered the reason was that "natural disaster"... While rampaging through the orcs acampament, these StormBringers where attacked by all orcs weaponry, but almost nothing was effective and all what orcs could do is to watch them toast ettins and canibalize the minor wolfs and their riders at same time under the torrent like rain...

These rampages had been happened until a day when the orc king had entered their domains alone and challenged them to a king vs king battle, the orc king managed to defeat the StormBringer king, mount it and come back to his home with him, so from that day, storm wargs created a minimal respect for orcs, allowing orcs establish the acampament on their territory, and sometimes, they allow some brave orcs to attempt their luck on a test-like ceremony, but only few strong orcs attempt to challenge and even fewer domesticate them, as they are easily eaten alive by them, with this very elite kind of orc survivor receiving a hero-like title of "StormRider'.

Re: StormBringer Warg and StormRiders

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 4:49 am
by General Brave
Sounds pretty powerful, perhaps later.

Re: StormBringer Warg and StormRiders

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:13 am
by DoomsdayDragonfire
Ya, you're right... I'm making list of what would be needed to add these on the way what i want, we are lacking a lot of stuff, first the scaled spells, the weather change aura, and other mechanics that aren't in game as elemental damages and MP, plus improved AI that is able to use habilities...

I'm also thinking on create a "siege" game mode, were you go alone or co-op with other ppl to take out a very strong boss unit on the middle of the map. So you would had to build up and hunt down the boss and his minions. The first one can be the Stormbringer king then later we add other legendary creatures.
But for that, it will be needed all the stuff above, new triggers and extra things that i haven't listed yet but will appear eventually...

Maybe i should try to make the game mode with more simple bosses to begin...