Can you help me with this question???

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Gabriel lukas
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Can you help me with this question???

Post by Gabriel lukas » Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:44 am

Hello,im want to make a campaign map and i have its map but why i dont know my device cant send the map
So,can i ask something,can you help me make the campaign map i will make the story
This is the story
Ahem....The title is Operation of Soaring Hawk
The story is like this:Usa is a good nation,with many-many army units but their enemy the Ussr is planning to make a devastating weapon the Zx-Co
So the Usa general Captain Years command a team the members is 1 Lucas,2 Omega,3 Cools 4,Alexander(you can change its name and vote it like 1 Mighty guy 2 Alex 3 Hardeep 4 Alpha)
To cancel Ussr plan.You can give the map description,story and another thing like screenshot and vote it,can you ?
A newcomer and a newbie at this forum.HAPPY DAY (:

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