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Posted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:48 pm
by Hardeep
For Isengard!
units: Uruk-Hai (swordsman) high armor moderate attack normal speed no spells
Uruk Crossbow high damage medium range normal speed: fire arrows.
shoots two arrows the same in the target dealing bonus damage to units with wood based defense recharge 7 turns
Warg Riders: high speed high attack low defense abilities: howl: increases attack and armor for 2 turns recharge Bite: deals damage over time 5 turn recharge
Uruk Chieftan:really high cost high damage high defense moderate speed abilities: bloodlust: increases the attack of all allys within 2 tiles significantly recharge 7 turns War call: summons 2 Uruk-Hai In adjacent tiles recharge 10 turns
Buildings:Uruk pit, Warg pit, Watchtower, War Barracks