Some Structure Ideas.

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Some Structure Ideas.

Post by DoomsdayDragonfire » Sat Aug 04, 2018 6:02 am

Acid Splitters - Defensive Structure - Throws a liquid solution that liquefies most of the known materials.
Web Throwers - Defensive Structure - Throws a plasma web that slow down any unit and burn them to ashes.
Plasma shooters - Defensive Structure - Shoot molten plasma pellets like a lasergun.

Comb - producer structure - Can create units from flyes, bees and moths.
Arachno den - producer stucture - Can create any 8 legged unit, from ticks, spiders and scorpions.
Hive mind - Megabuilding/Castle - Producers of Mind Control/controled units and high tech mecha-insect units.
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