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The new textures are actually good looking

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:01 am
by Klon
Now I'm gonna start off saying that this is a subjective topic and that anyone can have their own opinion, but I actually love the new unit model textures! People seem to hate on them for a variety of reasons, mainly being nostalgia and
looking out of place. The AoS community is a comparably small one and so has lots and lots off veterans, myself included. We tend to have a rather conservative look on this game and other Age of- titles, so we don't like change to stuff that has been in-game for a long time. That's understandable because if something works, why change it? I myself have to admit of often being disturbed by change in AoS for no real reason. But I think this game can't progress with this mindset. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not in for radical change, but slight improvements. So now that I have talked about why the people hate on the new models nostalgia wise let me talk about the next subject, being that the new models look out off place. And there's not much denying this. Yes, the new models look out of place but for a good reason. I think that ZeroTouchSystems wants to change the look off many more units mainly to make the game look more modern and that the new models look out off place mainly because they didn't work on the others yet. Now I could be wrong, but I highly suspect that. And I don't even mind them looking out of place. If anything I think that makes the units more interesting. Take the Axe Thrower for example, probably the unit that gets the most hate and unfairly so I think. Before the change of their look, I just didn't want to make them mainly because, and let's be honest, they looked embarrassingly puny and weak. I always would have them in the barbarian army when making campaigns on maps. Now after the change, they look freaking badass! They look like a unit that is an actual danger to your army, instead of just fight- or target
practising. And they still fit for a barbarian army! I actually like making them now and that's the same with many of the units with new models. So I think all the hate toward the devs regarding this is just unfair. But well, that's what I think, so write your opinion as well but please stay polite.