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Race mega building upgrades

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 9:34 pm
by Savra
So, as I mentioned in the redesign topic and possibly elswere, I plan to make each race have an upgrade(s) to their megas. Currently I have humans and orcs done as for others here are my suggestion, feel free to add anything to these suggestions list:Cost
(Note each tech mentioned only effects the building researching it, not multiple.)

Call of the wild tech: somewhat like hamlet falling but spawns wolves with vanishing. Cost:8, Great tree

Mystifying mist tech: An effect that overlays the great tree with a mist (fog) and gives it +30% dodge from melee, since the units would be in a fog. Cost:5, Great tree

Wrath of the forest: gives it the entanglement ability. Rng:5, cost:5, Great tree

Vengefull spirits: gives necropolis soul hunting aura. Rng:2, cost:5, Necroplis

Restless dead: gives necropolis reanimation ability. Rng:3, cost:4, Necropolis

Terrors of the night: gives necropolis fear weapon. Cost:5, Necropolis

Soul hunting bats: gives necropolis lifelink. Cost:5, Necropolis

For them I'm thinking maybe giving them an upgrade style similar to humans and orcs rather then techs, but we'd need a name for the new one (Empire under the mountain?).

Might wait till race remake is done before we get to this but if the overlay ability is allowed for great tree then a Dragon one could work for scaledfolk, but we might do some simpler things for it.

As you might have noticed, none have them an hp buff tech because I plan to make something similar to humans massive walls tech for some races e.g. Evolving wilds tech for elves, cursed fortitude for undead, and sturdier material for scaledfolks. Each would effect their megas as well.

Any thoughts.

Re: Race mega building upgrades

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 10:35 pm
by makazuwr32
After we will finish massive buildings update we will think about.
Also i prefer no hp upgrades for all races exept humans and dwarves (because these 2 are best builders they will have it).
Other races will have some different ways to defend their buildings (auras, spikes, passive regen, self mending with low rate....)