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short term balancing suggestion for h.catapult

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 6:16 am
by godOfKings
@Stratego (dev) i once destroyed 10+ h.catapults with a castle and fortress, and 3 catapults as opponent only used h.catapult spams, so it is not impossible to defend against h.catapults,

wat is near impossible is to send transport units really close to enemy territory mainly because h.catapult has 10% accuracy penalty which means it has 50% chance to directly hit a transport ship for example, so basically for now, i propose that they get same accuracy penalty as catapult (15% ) which would give it 75% miss chance against 5 speed transport units, thus giving better chance for an aggresive player to make his aggresive strategy work out b4 it gets nipped in the bud by the destruction of his transport units due to sheer (bad) luck.